About us


Sava is centred on the principles of permaculture which ensures that the soil is constantly nurtured. In order to reduce wastage, perishable produce is pickled, fermented and solar dried thereby extending its life cycle. Our primary source, Sage Farms, are leading advocates in practices like homemade fertilisers, composting, natural pesticides, native seeds and rainwater harvesting. In addition we also source from other artisanal suppliers that share the same commitment to quality and sustainability as us.


Team Sava is guided by two empowered women who strongly believe in staying ahead of the curve by challenging norms with constant learning and innovation.

Kavitha Mantha- Chef, slow food and sustainability advocate


Sangita Kathiwada- Cultural entrepreneur in design and sustainability.


Every person who shares our vision of a clean planet, a healthy body and an inspired mind. We are seeking a tribe of the like minded – to support, to share and to make changes that count. We envision a space alive with conversations, debates, tastings, laughter and warmth. We dream of Sava that collectively authors a story for the children of tomorrow. We invite you on our journey so we can together do a ‘little bit more’


A beautiful 100 year old cellar with brick arches hidden away in a corner on altamount road. It’s new but old, exciting but familiar, filled with fresh experiences but laden with memory. If you still want us to spell it out – yes, the space you knew as Melange for 27 years is now going to be Sava.

Because we know change is not easy, mini Melange will still exist as a shop in shop. Remember we said ‘a little bit more’… Now breathe!